We've moved!
Izu Hike's staff have moved to Fuji Five Lakes to focus on our business offering guided hikes to the summit of Mt Fuji, as well as bike tours and winery tours in the mountain's foothills. Find us there at www.fujibiketour.com.

Although we will be located too far away to continue offering Izu Hike's single-day tours, we would be happy to meet requests for multi-day hiking and biking tours in Izu. If you're interested in a multi-day tour in Izu, contact us.

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About Our Guides

We are native English speakers and long-term Izu residents who are passionate about conserving nature and making the beauty of Japan's forests, mountains, coasts and countryside more accessible to visitors. Our training includes CPR, first aid and bicycle repair. We know the local trails and roads well and will help you have a fun, safe journey.

Why Hire a Guide?

  • local insights: Much of what interests visitors about hiking in Izu, such as the routes that offer the most stunning views, knowledge of local plants and animals, and an understanding of cultural artifacts you'll encounter on the trails, can only be experienced with the help of a local guide. Some of the most enjoyable Izu hiking courses we can share with you aren't documented on maps or in guidebooks. We can also suggest the hikes that're most compatible with your interests and level of fitness.
  • navigation: Most of Izu's hiking trails are remote, lightly-used and unmaintained. There are few signposts to guide the way, and they typically only give directions in Japanese. Published hiking maps of Izu display too little detail to rely on as primary navigation tools. Animal trails are numerous and easily mistaken for hiking paths. In short, it's easy to get lost without an experienced local guide.
  • trail conditions: Hazards like hidden cliffs and slippery moss-covered rocks occur in unexpected locations on trails in Izu. Weather events can leave mountain slopes slippery with mud and cause landslides that block paths. Our guides keep tabs on trail conditions and know when to cancel hikes for safety. We select routes that avoid hazards or warn you when they're ahead.
  • supplies: We bring along supplies you may not want to buy or carry that may be needed in case of unexpected problems, such as a first aid kit, headlamp and emergency food, water and shelter.
  • wildlife: We're familiar with local wildlife that could pose problems, and we know how to greatly reduce the chance of unpleasant encounters.
  • emergency phone: We carry a mobile phone and can precisely explain locations on Izu's hiking trails in the Japanese language to speed the arrival of help in case a problem occurs.
  • tides: On Izu's coast, rising tides can trap unsuspecting hikers. We check tide charts in advance and schedule your hikes appropriately.
  • environmental conservation: We have a passion not only for sharing Izu's beauty with others but also for preserving it. Our guides convey to visitors how important it is that they leave the land free of litter and make it more convenient for them to do so by bringing along a garbage bag and taking responsibility for properly disposing of trash collected on the trail. We also believe in leaving the outdoors cleaner than we found it, so we pick up trailside litter we encounter that's been left by others.